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About Us

Silver Fern Immigration is an organisation that wears its heart on its sleeve. One of those rare organizations that is powered by its steadfast commitment to the success of its clients, and to accuracy and truth in an industry laden with misinformation. 

Silver Fern Immigration is a leading immigration consultancy company. Its vision is to help individuals and families begin a new life in New Zealand by assisting them in the visa application and settlement process. To date, Silver Fern Immigration has helped hundreds of individuals and families from all over the world kick-start their future in New Zealand.

Silver Fern Immigration is proudly operated with a close-knit team of passionate and highly experienced Licensed Immigration Advisers working with clients throughout New Zealand and across the globe.  

A Brief History 

Silver Fern Immigration was founded in early 2007 amidst significant immigration policy changes and the introduction of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007. The Act symbolized the 'rebirth' of the immigration consultancy industry in New Zealand, and legitimized and regulated the role of the Immigration Adviser. 
From the start, we understood and believed in the importance of providing a service that is based on ethical and transparent practice. We knew that the large majority of clients wanted not just the successful outcome of their visa application process, but the assurance that we, as their 'legal' representatives in New Zealand will be with them every step of the way.

Our clients wanted an Immigration Adviser who they can trust, and who is committed to securing the best possible outcome for their immigration process, and who they can communicate with openly and on a regular basis. The question was: how can we deliver a service that provided clients with solid assurance?

To successfully, openly and productively engage with our clients, and to obtain the best possible outcome for their immigration process would require a more personalized approach to doing business; an approach that ensured the highest level of understanding and trust between us and our clients; and which allowed us to work together with our clients towards a shared goal and according to a suitable 'action plan'. We provide a complete 'start to finish' solution that takes each client from the beginning of their immigration process to - Permanent Residency. Our approach aims to foster a positive, professional and long-term relationship with our clients - that sees us becoming not just their Immigration Advisers but also a trustworthy and constant source of support and information throughout their move to New Zealand. 

The Silver Fern Approach

We take the following steps to achieve the best results for clients:

  1. Honest and in-depth assessment of the Client's unique immigration situation (Initial Meeting/Assessment Phase)
  2. Visa Application Process 'Action Plan', relevant to the Client(s) personal objectives, and New Zealand Immigration Law and Policy (Plan Phase)
  3. Obtain relevant personal documents and information (Fact-Finding Phase)
  4. Completion of Visa Application Administration/Paperwork (Finalisation of Visa Application Phase)
  5. Lodgment of Visa Application (Submission Phase) 
  6. Personally address and resolve any issues/concerns raised by Immigration New Zealand and/or the Client(Post-Submission Communication Phase) 
  7. Consistent Ongoing Communication with Client(s), enter the next step in the Immigration Process/Action Plan (Ongoing Communication Phase) 

Implementing and using this personal and straight forward approach has seen us grow into a well known and trusted Immigration Consultancy in the New Zealand market with close working affiliations with a number of well-known local and international companies. Meet some of our close affiliates and find out what they have to say about Silver Fern Immigration.

In addition to assisting individuals and families with the legalities of their immigration process, we can also assist in their settlement process in New Zealand such as finding suitable accommodation, arranging transportation and banking services, locating a suitable education provider for dependent children, and putting families and individuals in contact with cultural communities and organizations , etc. We also offer informative seminars for newcomers to New Zealand which cover a range of topics such as job-hunting, personal finance management, and New Zealand employment laws. 
Are you interested in working and/or living permanently in New Zealand? Do you want honest, straight-forward immigration advice that will put you on the right path to achieving your goals in New Zealand?

Book a consultation with one of our Licensed Immigration Advisers, or find out more about the company culture at Silver Fern Immigration.


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Please note that consultations are by appointment only.  Consultation charges apply. 

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