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Our Core Values & Culture

A list of the core values that make up the culture here at Silver Fern Immigration are detailed below. These values are a fundamental part of what makes Silver Fern immigration the organization that we are. They describe what our culture is and what values we live by. 

  • Work in the Best Interest of the Client 

    Silver Fern Immigration is in the business of helping people. One of our favorite company mottos is 'behind every application is a person'. We work in the best interest of our clients, and are committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for their short term and long-term immigration process in New Zealand; whilst working within the parameters of immigration law and policy. 

  • Uncompromising Competency and Accuracy 

    At Silver Fern Immigration we are accountable for the type of information that we provide our clients and the implications of that information on their circumstances. Competency, accuracy and knowledge are our products, these are what we have to offer; and to ensure that we provide our clients with the best products at all times, we make it our business to stay up-to-date with the latest immigration news, policy, and law changes. As  part of our continuing professional development, each member of our team is required to attend industry meetings, seminars, and workshops throughout the year. 

  • Unfailing Honesty, Integrity and Respect 

    Honesty, integrity and respect are the building blocks of any great company and Silver Fern Immigration is no exception! We cannot stress enough the importance of adhering to these principles especially in today's world. As a family owned and operated company, we nurture honesty, integrity and respect in our personal and professional relationship with each other, and we treat our clients no different. 

  •  Positive, Passionate and Committed People 

    Immigration to New Zealand is our forte - and we are passionate about helping our Clients kick-start their futures in this amazing country! At Silver Fern Immigration we believe in giving 100% commitment to everything that we do and maintaining a positive attitude while we do it. 

  • Dedication to the future and positive progress of New Zealand 

    New Zealand is a truly unique and amazing country. We hold a deep appreciation for the social, political, and economic benefits that this country has to offer; and for the freedom that many of us here often take for granted. New Zealand is a relatively 'young' nation and as Immigration Advisers, we feel a strong responsibility to contribute to the positive social, political, economic, and cultural development of this country that we call home. 

  • Our Circle of Trust System

    Trust between us and our Clients is essential and something that we value and nurture. At Silver Fern Immigration the word 'trust' means:

    • Keeping personal and sensitive information secure, and away from prying eyes (or ears) by adhering to strict privacy policies and a secure filing system
    • Honesty and transparency in all monetary transactions between us and our clients
    • Keeping our service fees affordable 
    • Providing straight-forward, no-nonsense immigration advice that is realistic and relevant to our Client's individual circumstances 
    • Continuously fostering a supportive, positive, and proactive working relationship with our clients 

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