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How much do you charge for your service?

Immigrating to another country can be an expensive task. We’ve been in your shoes – and know exactly how costly it can be! That’s why we make a point of keeping our fees reasonable and affordable for our clients. If you would like a quote on our service fees please contact us directly on (+64) 9 377 8587.


I live in New Zealand and would like to discuss my immigration matters. Do I need to book an appointment? Is there a cost for this consultation?

If you would like to speak to one of our immigration advisers please book an appointment to see a member of our team. Consultations are held at our Auckland City office in Fort Street (click here for our physical address).  We want to make sure that we set aside sufficient time to discuss your situation and answer any of your questions; to avoid delays please contact us on (09) 377 8587 to schedule an appointment. Our consultations are free of charge and non-obligatory.


I live outside New Zealand and would like to discuss my immigration matters face to face. Do you offer ‘Skype consultations’? What is the cost for this service?

Yes, we can definitely arrange a Skype consultation for a ‘face-to-face’ chat. We charge a small fee for Skype consultations which is refundable upon you deciding to use our services. If you would like to arrange a Skype consultation and/or request a free quote please email


I have family and friends living in New Zealand. They have advised me to sell everything I own in my home country, and move to New Zealand without a job offer. They say it will be easy for me to find a job there. Is this a good idea?

NO. This is certainly not a good idea! Before you even contemplate selling up and moving to New Zealand you need to do a lot of research and preferably, obtain an offer of employment that is relevant to your qualification and work experience. But even then, you still shouldn’t cut ties with your current situation until you speak to us and gain a better understanding of ‘the bigger picture’. There are a number of questions you need to ask before purchasing that plane ticket:

  1. Why do I want to move to New Zealand?
  2. Are there employment and/or business prospects for me there?
  3. Am I able to fund the immigration process and still have money left over for living expenses?
  4. Does my level of English ability meet Immigration New Zealand requirements?
  5. Am I prepared to give up my lifestyle in my home country, and ‘start anew’ in New Zealand? Will I be able to adjust to a new cultural, social, economic, and political environment?
  6. If you have a wife/partner and/or family, you will also need to consult their thoughts and feelings, and establish whether or not moving to New Zealand will be beneficial to them as well.

We emphasise realistic, well-planned, and informed decisions from our clients that must be balanced with accurate and sound immigration advice – tailored to suit their individual circumstances.


I have a medical condition. Will this prevent me from obtaining a visa?

This depends on your medical condition. Visa applicants with a medical condition will be assessed closely by Immigration New Zealand’s medical assessors (on a case by case basis). You may be required to undergo further medical tests/checks. As Immigration New Zealand is responsible for the well-being of New Zealanders, they have to ensure that applicants who may pose a health risk to New Zealand and/or burden the local public health systems are not granted visas. This precaution is applied to applicants who are applying for a temporary class visa, and residence visa applicants. If you are unsure of whether or not your medical condition will prevent you from coming to or remaining in New Zealand, please contact us today on (+64) 9 377 8587  or email 


What is a labour market check?

A Labour Market Check (LMC) is a criteria and process whereby Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) assess whether or not there are New Zealanders available to fill and/or can be trained for the job offer you have obtained from a New Zealand employer. Immigration New Zealand has a responsibility towards New Zealanders to ensure that they are given first priority for employment opportunities in the country. An LMC may be conducted as part of a work visa application process.

My current visa has expired and I am now unlawful in New Zealand. What do I do?

Depending on your individual situation and the circumstances leading up to your unlawful status in New Zealand, you will need to contact us immediately to establish whether or not Immigration New Zealand may grant you a further visa under ‘section 61’. Visa applications submitted under ‘section 61’ do not have to be accepted by Immigration New Zealand. These applications are more like ‘requests’ than actual visa applications as unlawful visitors do not have the right to apply for further visas under any category.


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Please note that consultations are by appointment only.  Consultation charges apply. 

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