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Work Visa

In order to obtain a temporary work visa in New Zealand, you must meet specific employment, health, and character requirements. 

Temporary work visas are for people who:

  • Have a genuine job offer from a New Zealand employer
  • Are coming to New Zealand for a particular purpose or event
  • Want to gain work experience or work after studying in New Zealand
  • Want  to join a partner in New Zealand and work

Current immigration trends and policies are making it more difficult for migrants to obtain employment in certain industries in New Zealand; and the government is putting more emphasis on employing New Zealanders for specific job roles/positions. Bear in mind that your application may be subject to other conditions such as a labour market check, whether or not your job/position is listed on the Long Term Skills Shortage List or Immediate Skills Shortage List; or on current socio-economic and political factors that may impact heavily on the industry you work.

How can we help you?

At Silver Fern Immigration we assess each of our client’s immigration situations carefully and honestly. As a rule of thumb, we do not take on applications that we believe are fraudulent, and/or highly unlikely to succeed. When it comes to assessing your eligibility for a temporary work visa, we examine the following:

  • The relevance of your job offer to your previous work experience and/or qualifications
  • The current socio-political and economic trends taking place in the New Zealand employment market and your industry
  • The nature of your New Zealand employer’s business, and the length of time they have been operating the company
  •  Long Term Skill Shortage List, and Immediate Skill Shortage List
  • Potential challenges to your application

Our aim is to help you:

  • Understand the process and reality of finding and securing a job offer in New Zealand
  • Understand the visa requirements and criteria that you, your job offer, and New Zealand employer must meet
  • How immigration policy applies to your individual immigration situation
  • Navigate the various categories for temporary work visa applications and submit your application under the category/instructions that are applicable to you
  • Achieve the best possible outcome for your application to enable you to lawfully take up your job offer in New Zealand

Throughout the temporary work visa application process, we are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that we submit sufficient and correct supporting documents/evidence; and that we present immigration with a high quality application
  • Submitting your temporary work visa application in a timely manner
  • Communicating directly with your Immigration Case Officer on all matters relating to your application
  • Communicating with your New Zealand employer and any other parties involved (e.g. recruitment consultants who may have helped place you in your job position/role)
  • Providing you with regular updates on your application progress; and personally address any unforeseen (or anticipated) concerns or issues
  • Providing you with sound, accurate, and honest immigration advice to enable you to achieve your short term and long term objectives in New Zealand
  • Taking on the pressures and stresses of your immigration process (i.e. to make the entire process as smooth and stress free as possible for you and/or your family)
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