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Sudheer Reddy

Sudheer Reddy Testimonial

"Hi Arno & Team,
Some people go an extra mile
to stop and help people,
even when the going gets tough
they are always there to lend a hand.

You all have always been there for us.
Your team has been the one we could count on.

I want to thank you
for all the time you have given us
and helping us to move one step ahead.




Samson Family

Samson family-60

"I want to use this medium to thank you and your wonderful team for a good job, well done in helping me to obtain my study Visa to New Zealand."

"Your word of encouragement i valued so much right from very first inception to final stage of approval of my study visa. Indeed you taught me not to give up in my dream and anything that is good that I believe in. You did not know me in person yet you work with me as if were from the same nation. You did not look down on me through the duration of my study visa process."

"I'm proud of your professional ethics and your honesty. Please keep it up."

"I will recommend silver Fern Immigration Services Ltd to Africans and anybody i come across in the world."

"Without your help and that of your team it would have been impossible to obtain my study visa."

"Thank you Martin Xu i'm indeed grateful."

"Well done."


Hani Albreem

"I was planning to immigrate to NZ and was stuck when I realised that IPENZ KA02 application also needed to be furnished. I asked many New Zealand based immigration advisers for help to fill out the KA02 Application, but all of them said it's difficult to fill it. None of them was willing to guarantee if it will be successful.

"I searched for quite some time for an experienced licensed New Zealand immigration adviser and finally came across Silver Fern Immigration Services. They promised and guaranteed it will be successful. I trusted them and went ahead with preparing and submitting all support documents. After 2 months I received an email with assessment in which it was mentioned your application is successful".

"I was very happy and I really appreciate Silver Fern Immigration staff. They are great people.

"Thanks to ALL of them!"


Justin Newton and Justin Webb 

Justin Newton and Justin Webb were granted Residence in February 2014. This is what they had to say: 

"You guys are the greatest! From the beginning you have always given me the advice best suited for me, I found that I could just relax and leave all the hard work to you guys. You have eased the stress of immigrating to New Zealand and allowed me to be a lot more relaxed about the whole thing compared to if I had to do it all by myself. Felt relaxed from the start!"

Advice to others who are thinking about coming to New Zealand: 

"Save yourself a lot of time and stress and go to Silver Fern Immigration Services. It's not easy doing this by yourself. Leave all the worry, paperwork, jargon and fine details to them. You have more than enough to worry about! Leave the immigration problems to someone else. Silver Fern Immigration are helpful and friendly."

What do you like/dislike about living in New Zealand?

Like the easy way of life, public transport is great, tax back, medical, quality of products, great summer weather. 
Dislike that the prices are a little high and tax is high - but not a big deal. 

What are your future plans?

Settle down, buy a house, buy a car, start a new career, and enjoy life! 


Andrew and Jodie Troughton

Andrew and Jodie Troughton arrived in New Zealand in September 2010 with their four year old daughter, Isabella. Their decision to relocate was motivated by their desire to be nearer to family and better employment opportunities; and like most migrants their journey to residency has been filled with trials, unexpected costs, and positive changes.

“Having family in New Zealand made moving here a lot easier,” says Jodie. “We knew what we were headed for.” Nevertheless, high cost of living and property rentals came as a surprise to Andrew and Jodie who expected to pay less than what they had paid in the UK. The most stressful aspect of their migration process has been keeping their finances in check. “That was by far the most stressful thing! If you are on a limited budget, then you really need to be careful and plan accordingly.”

In spite of the financial stress Andrew and Jodie have begun to settle into the New Zealand lifestyle. “The weather makes doing outdoor activities more pleasant and easier,” says Jodie. “This summer we are planning on doing a lot more canoeing, surfing, cycling and camping and although you can do these in the UK, we never found the time and you had to drive a lot further to really enjoy those facilities.” The couple are also in the process of starting up their very own locksmith business and raising funds for a house.

One of the positive aspects of their migration experience was the short time it took for them to obtain their permanent residency. “It took six months for us to obtain our permanent residency. Our agent, Erica from Silver Fern Immigration was very efficient and ensured that our application was prepared well ahead of schedule,” says Jodie. “Get all your paperwork sorted before you head out to New Zealand, and make sure that you get all correspondence between agents/immigration/job offers in writing. Communication is very important. Email is the way!”


The Young Family

The Young FamilyLike so many families that choose to start a new life in New Zealand, Gary and Sonia Young, along with their three children, Saskia, Jenson, and Ayrton, left their home in the UK in search of a better lifestyle.

“So far, [the move] has been great,” says Gary. Gary and his family arrived in New Zealand on the 26th December 2010 after securing a successful job placement through Automotive Employment NZ Ltd, which has landed him the role of Dealer Principal for a BMW Dealership in Palmerston North. They have not looked back since. “We have not been back [to the UK] yet and have no plans to go back,” he says. Before migrating, Gary and Sonia were unfamiliar with New Zealand apart from the bits of information they had gathered from the Internet, nevertheless they have settled in quickly and easily become a part of the community. “The people here are friendly, activities are fantastic, there’s plenty of space, and it’s easy to get around,” says Gary. Among his list of ‘pros’ is the climate and the general friendliness of the locals. “One of the downsides of living here is the cost of food and health care,” he says. Work and building a house has taken up most of Gary and Sonia’s time, and the family have yet to fully explore the country; but after obtaining residency on the 26 May 2011 they can now afford to put their exploration plans on hold.

“We used Silver Fern Immigration Services which made emigrating easier. Silver Fern Immigration are worth every cent and very friendly. They even met us at the airport on Boxing Day!” says Gary. “From accepting the job offer on the 5 November 2010 it was only seven weeks until our arrival in New Zealand. Once all the paperwork and medicals were completed it took only 7 working days to get the Work Visa. Then we applied for our residency on the 26 February 2011 and it was approved on the 26thMay 2011. My advice to people wanting to move to New Zealand is: use a good [Immigration Adviser] agency and respond very quickly to their questions and requests – they need your help too!”

Lee Rundle and Hansie Reeders

Our decision to immigrate was not really one of choice but more a survival reaction.  We had both found ourselves without work and getting deeper and deeper into debt.  We had sold just about everything of value so had nothing to lose as it were.  We sold up the last of what we owned, including the car, and bought two plane tickets with the little money we had, packed two suitcases and left.  Putting all our faith and trust in higher powers.  From the moment we arrived in New Zealand we knew we were in the right place, there was no question, this is where we wanted to stay.  Everyone we met was friendly and helpful, and everyone was smiling – truly smiling – there was laughter in everyones eyes and smiles on everyones faces and people actually looked at you and greeted you in the street – how amazing is that!

If it wasn’t for the amazing, positive people we met along the way and the very serendipitous meeting of Erica at Silverfern Immigration, we would have been on our way back with our tails between our legs.  The professionalism with which all our paperwork and applications were handled took all the stress out of the process – well most of it anyway :-) .

My advice to anyone thinking of immigrating – not necessarily to New Zealand, is make the decision and commit, the rest will fall into place.  Trust yourself, there will be many, many, many people with advice about how it should be done or how they did it better – do yourself a favour ignore them all, get an agent you feel comfortable with and that you can trust – then trust them.  If they say jump – you say how high.  They know the rules, they know the ropes, let them do their job.

Thank you Silverfern Immigration, because of you we now can see a future ahead of us!

(Lee Rundle and Hansie Reeders arrived 7/2009 and obtained Permanent Residence in 4/2011)


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